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Simple Yet Absolutely Effective Ways To Make The Most Out Of Twitter

Simple Yet Absolutely Effective Ways To Make The Most Out Of Twitter

It’s so confusing, right? You conscientiously compose tweets for your Twitter account and religiously follow all the pieces of advice given to you by experts that have led you to expect an upsurge of highly active and engaged followers. Besides, how hard is it going to be to type in a total of one hundred forty characters just to attract attention, right?

If you’ve been doing this for quite a while now you probably already figured out that it doesn’t work that way at all. Instead of getting you new leads, Twitter if not used right, can actually suck most of your time especially if you fail to employ the methods that drive social media crazy.

How can you, therefore, make sense of the giant platform that is Twitter to get more followers and slowly mark off your marketing goals?

In this blog post, we will show you simple yet absolutely effective ways to make you do just that, gain followers and tick off your marketing goals.

  1. Try to go visual.

By now you must have figured out that readers online are drowned in a sea of text content which is very untimely if you come to think of it knowing that humans have an attention span that is as short as that of a goldfish. But if you involve visual media into the picture you’ll be amazed by how fast it captures attention, it magnets attention twice as fast as that of plain text. Read more

Influencer Marketing: A Good Opportunity For Your Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing: A Good Opportunity For Your Social Media Marketing

You have to know that in “I marketing” you identify with and reach out to sought-after influencers in your niche, coaxing them to market to your audience.

Just think of it this way, your influencers already have an engaged audience in your niche and so once you get included in their radar your Twitter account will likely attract more and more Twitter followers. Subsequently, you will be able to reach your desired clients and customers through the help of those influencers.

Your first step is to determine who these influencers are in your industry. Luckily, there are several tools you can use to help you with your search. Examples of such tools are Twirl and, Twellow and Followerwonk among others.

We’ll give you an example of how you can use Followerwonk. Go to the “search bias” feature of Followerwonk so you can search for the top influencers for a specific keyword. So for example, you can search for “tips on twitter”.  After typing in “tips on twitter,” you can then extract the data you wish to find into a spreadsheet assorted by Followers or Social Authority.

Assuming you’ve already gathered a list of influencers, you can then start engaging them. Remember that they are humans so you have to be considered. Always go back to the golden rule and that’s to give before you ask. Read more

How To Boost Web Traffic Without Concentrating Too Much On Creating Text Content

How To Boost Web Traffic Without Concentrating Too Much On Creating Text Content

We’ve all been told that content plays a crucial role in boosting web traffic. In a sense, yes, it’s true but it’s actually not the content per se but the quality of the content that drives website traffic. It’s more of the quality rather than the quantity that counts.

It’s also worth mentioning that when we say “content” it is not exclusive to text. Content comes in varied forms like technology algorithms that help online users find answers like in White Pages, images, and videos all these are examples of content that can drive relevant traffic just as plain text content does.

This may sound quite a bit unexpected knowing that we are always constantly reminded to blog more often, build content more, promote content more, write content more and so on and so forth. And not to mention the top results in SERPs or search engine results from pages that seem to validate the theory that text volume is the solution in order for your site to land to the top.

Generally, a web page that ranks on the first few pages of Google’s search engine results page always contain more than two thousand words. If you come to think of it, that number of words is really a lot if it’s found in just one article.

But you know what here’s the thing, websites such as the New York Times, Huffington Post and all possess the necessary resources as well as the motivation to cram their pages with high-quality content — these are the very products that these sites are selling and so it make sense if they invest enough to maintain its quality. Read more

How To Boost Web Traffic Through Twitter

How To Boost Web Traffic Through Twitter

Here’s what you need to know, you don’t necessarily have to use Twitter Cards to boost traffic to your site or a landing page that has compelling call-to-action copy, visuals, design and buttons. Every landing page serves a unique purpose.

If want to do a feedback through a poll, for instance, you can pencil in a post like this one: “POLL: Tell us where you bought your favorite sweatshirt and win a brand new one! {Link to Poll}.”

Then by being true to your words publish the results as well as the name of the winner at a set time. It would also be nice if you have a “Thank You Page” at the end of your poll to engage your followers further.

Here are some things you can do to boost traffic to your blog or your website through Twitter:

  • Tweet a captivating quote lifted from any of your previous posts.
  • Use a thought-provoking stat.
  • Politely ask for a retweet at the end of your post but remember to do it carefully and frugally.
  • Do a quick survey or a poll.
  • Invite your followers to download a freebie with links to your landing page or website.
  • Ask questions to pique their curiosity with the intention of getting clicks.
  • Use relevant and popular hashtags to be part of a bigger discussion on certain issues.

Read more

Four Tips To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Four Tips To Increase Traffic On Your Website

Generally speaking, content is still helpful to drive traffic to your website but you can still get that same amount of traffic or even more if you focus on other strategies like the ones employed by Upworthy and Airbnb. Google can still bring you a steady flow of traffic even if your focus is not on text content alone.

Here are four tips on how you can increase traffic to your website without requiring loads of text content.

  1. Indexing is the key.

If you try to compare websites with few or even no content at all such as Airbnb with sites that are heavy on the text you will notice that these sites still get more organic traffic from search engine websites. This is because these websites get enormous amounts of backlinks coming from other sites that point to numerous pages on their websites.

Part of the reason why these websites get traffic even though they are light on content is they are greatly indexed. This means that these sites contain many pages and each of these pages contains a nugget of important information or an image that online users are actively looking for. You can try to apply the very same principle in your own website. You can create a number of pages that all contain small amounts of long tail keyword rich text content to see if your search engine rankings have scaled up. Read more

Are Ad Blockers Famous Around the World?

Are Ad Blockers Famous Around the World?

Nearly one-fourth of Internet users all over the world admit that they have indeed used some form of ad-blocking software on their personal computers in the last thirty days. This news is based on a report from GlobalWebIndex.

The said report was grounded on data from a current survey that consisted of thousands of Internet users all over the world aging sixteen to sixty-four years old. Around twenty-eight percent of Internet users in North America report that they have used services that prevented ads from displaying on sites in the previous month. This can be compared to thirty percent of Internet users in Europe, twenty-seven percent Internet users in Latin America, twenty-seven percent of Internet users in Africa and the Middle East and twenty-seven percent in the Pacific and Asia region.

Ad blockers are extremely popular among respondents aging sixteen years old to twenty-four years old, thirty-four percent of them admit to using an ad-blocking program the previous month. Ad blockers are least popular among respondents aging fifty-five years old to sixty-four years old and only seventeen percent of them have used ad blocking software.

According to the report, men are more prone to using ad-blocking programs compared with women with a statistics of thirty-one percent in men versus twenty-three percent in women.

More than sixty-nine percent of respondents who used ad-blocking software said they are concerned that companies are using their personal data and information. Read more